Angelic Reiki – J.V


After being diagnosed with a serious illness and undergone many medical procedures I felt that I had locked myself out of society. I was always tense, stressed and lacked self confidence and found it very difficult to communicate with other people ( very lonely feeling )


At the beginning of my sessions with Nicola I did not know what to expect and was very cauitious. As my sessions continued I became more calm, less stressed and my confidence has come back. I have found my inner self once again.

Thank you Nicola for helping me find myself, you truly are a remarkable healer and a lovely person. You truly are a gifted person with a visionable energy glow around you.

Aromatherapy Massage – Female – T.M

Nicola’s Aromatherapy massage was truly enjoyable. I was completely relaxed and found my inner balance and harmony through the session. 

I felt so much love and was thinking of the moment when I first held my child after giving birth. It was a magical and lovely experience. 

Vitali Chi Balancing System – Female – G.D

I would like to thank Nicola for the healing sessions that she gave me on her Vitali Chi Balancing System machine. Since receiving the sessions I have realised blocks that were stopping me fro achieving my life purpose. 

I have embraced my dreams and following them. Nicola’s work is amazing she is a gentle, kind, caring and compassionate lady, who will make you feel at ease and special. Nicola is a natural, nurturing therapist and I recommend that you book to see her for a couple of sessions. Invest in your future and let go of the past with Nicola. 

Aromatherapy massage – M.S – Female

I have Aromatherapy massage treatments with Nicola almost every week. Due to my hectic lifestyle and stressful working environment I always come with a million things on my mind and I always leave very calm, de-stressed, balanced and most importantly recharged to face the upcoming week. Nicola and her aromatherapy oils are becoming an essential part of my weekly routine. She will always find the perfect combination of oils to achieve the desired result. I am extremely grateful to Nicola and I cannot recommended Nicola highly enough. It’s been a life changing experience.


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